Bill Wieliczka Jr. Arts and Theater Scholarship

The Bill Wieliczka Jr Arts and Theater Scholarship was created by Bill’s family in memory of their son and brother. Bill came to HCC as an adult student during a transitional time in his life. Bill was never comfortable taking a traditional path through life. He had big questions about life and society and why things are the way they are. He carved his own path, and that path led him to HCC where he was able to explore his love for art in so many ways: creative writing, visual arts, and theater. 

Bill loved his professors and instructors. He was so impressed with the younger students. He encouraged them, as he learned alongside them. Bill volunteered time with a student writing group and participated in community art projects. He loved all aspects of theater: acting, writing plays, directing. He painted and wrote constantly. In his writing, Bill’s characters were often downtrodden or underdogs. He cared about his fellow humans. If he hadn’t seen you in a while, he would smile and say, “Hey! Tell me a story.” Bill touched lives at HCC. He would be proud that this scholarship will be helping fellow students. 

The qualifying student must be majoring in Art or Theater. Preference will be given to a nontraditional student.

Selection Criteria
1) Financial need.
2) Students studying Art or Theater